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Editor’s Note: We spoke with Joe Monach and Andrea Meythaler, the owners of Bambooty Bodygear. You can shop at their mobile store at the Venice or Sarasota Farmers Market Saturday morning and the Englewood Farmers Market on Thursday. Shop online at

Joe, what makes bamboo fiber appealing?
The initial appeal is the softness. Many of our sales begin with a touch and the luxurious feeling of bamboo fiber. It’s also a natural performance fabric, which means it’s ideal with Florida’s tropical weather. Compared to cotton or other synthetic fabrics, bamboo fiber wears cooler by several degrees, wicks sweat more efficiently, has a natural SPF of 50, and is naturally anti-microbial which means odor producing bacteria doesn’t thrive. It’s the ultimate eco-friendly fiber.

What’s the backstory of your business?
We started as Bambooty Headgear is 2012. Our first product was a neck gator in black, pink and white. It was popular at local running events as a natural sweat absorbing bandana. The black and the pink product were selling well but the white was moving much more slowly. Andrea began hand dying the white on a whim and it sold out at our next event. Today, we offer a wide range of clothing items with over 40 unique designs.

What are some of your most popular items?
Our crop tops, tank tops and shorts sell well in the summer and our sweatshirts, Yoga tights and long sleeves do better in the cooler months. Some products have very loyal customers like our men’s underwear. A client will buy a single pair and then come back and buy multiple pairs because of the comfort. 

What’s involved in making your apparel and accessories? 
We design a prototype of each product at our studio in Venice. The prototype is sent to our textile mill for final prep. We inspect the sample before moving into production. Most of our clothing items are white and we hand dye them using a proprietary blend of colors and folds to create our style of textile artistry. We’ve begun creating digital patterns to diversify our collection.

Where are you and Andrea originally from?
I was born in Pennsylvania and spent my early years as a musician and songwriter touring the U.S. I eventually ended up as a financier for the entertainment industry. I raised my children in the Sarasota area. Andrea is a native of Tampa and she attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where she played tennis and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. We met in the summer of 2012. Bambooty Bodygear is a collaboration between my business acumen and her artistic talent.

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Posted On Tue February 20th 2024